Perhaps it was on a day of joy and pleasure!

Ease he was, pleasure did he give!

Ugly was what follow,

Tremendous and horrible were the followings!

Or stupid?

No! It was my fault!

He seduced me,


I decided to give my heart to his heart;

Raping they called that.

Liar! Liar! It was for all my life, he said!

As soon as I excepted Jane, or Joe, he went far from me!

Mimics of love,

Of adoration,


They called that.

Ease he was, or did he seem,

Traitor he was, betrayer he was in reality!

Liars! Liars! I should have been saved from despair!

And I killed him… Or her…


Only despair!

Nights of


Easier was it, that


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