This poem is dedicated to His Holiness the Pope Francis.

Eternal prays to God for his first Bishop!

Eternal songs to the Christ for his first servant!

Let the angels glorify the Lord for Francis

And let the God people celebrate His Name!

O light smoke that appeared over the roofs

Of the new Sion! I saw from France the Goodness,

Which appeared first through this angel-like smoke.

The Goodness appeared finally at the balcony,

With his wise face and his lightening eyes,

Like a bird, which sang the godly Hope.

His Holiness rejoiced the heart of the fellows –

This immense crowd! and all the Christian world –

As he kneed in front of it, for the people of God!

Even the unbelievers, impressed by this strengthens,

Even the unbelievers knew that the Goodness was there,

The Goodness was in Rome, and in th’heart of the new Pope.

I thought even a Muslim would sing al-vhamdu-lillah!

Even a Buddhist would recognize the God’s image!

Even a Protestant would be a fellow of his Holiness!

As far as I was concerned, I felt above all

Joy in my heart, peace in my head,

And in myself th’Love of the almighty God.

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